Organizing Apps on our devices can be a very time consuming task and, even after all our efforts, we can still struggle to find in which screen or folder we have placed an app. Like you, we were very frustrated with the status quo.

So we’ve developed Apps Stacker with an “automation” mindset.

The only reason we spend time organizing apps in our devices is because we want to be able to quickly find an app when we need it. If our devices know what apps we use where and when, why not take advantage of that and let our devices automatically organize our apps and make them accessible on a single screen or folder where and when we need them.

That is the intelligence we built into Apps Stacker!!!


Apps Stacker is a simple solution that makes it a breeze to organize and access your apps from anywhere on your devices.

  • Organize your apps into Stacks
  • Personalize your stack with different colors or add a background image
  • Stacks can be added as widgets to your device for quick access to all your apps

Sign up to our premium version and your organization is saved to your account for a consistent experience across Android devices and convenient recovery of your organization in case you lose or change devices.


This awesome premium feature learns which apps you use when and where you use them. It then organizes your apps into a folder, otherwise known as Smart Stack.

So, let’s say you use a set of apps such as Twitter, Instagram and Chrome first thing in the morning, and Netflix, YouTube and Spotify when you get home from work. APPS STACKER will learn these repeated behaviors and automatically place each of these apps into the Smart Stack for quick and easy access.

What is even better? You can add the Smart Stack widget to your home screen and never search for an individual app again.


Quickly open an app from anywhere on your device.

The Overlay makes it a breeze to quickly open the app you need, even when you are using another app.

Quickly swipe through your stacks and launch the app you need.

Easy – Fast – Convenient.

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